The Armads

Nonlegacy Stats: +5 Large Shocking Burst (x2) Speed Greataxe
Omen: A wave of excitement and restlessness washes over the wielder. Crackles of electricity appear when held.
Curse: If more than a day goes by without the axe tasting battle, the creature must make a DC 15 Will save or begin having hallucinations of battle. This save is repeated daily. If the character fails his save 3 times, he becomes paranoid for 1d10 hours (-4 Will Save). If he fails his save 5 times, the character cannot wield Armads and permanently becomes affected by a insanity spell towards battle itself, charging into violence even when conditions are obviously not in their favor. This eventually escalates and leads to suicidal encounters.


Base Attack: +5
Alignment: Non-Lawful
Str Score: 20

Legacy Item Abilities

Dragonslayer: The weapon gains the enhancement Bane (Dragon)
Battle Senses: Your senses are heightened to a point that blindness and deafness do not affect your performance in battle, as the axe guides you towards the closest enemy and allows you to feel their movement through the change in wind currents. You gain blindsight at 3 0 ft.
Lightning Armor: You are enveloped in electrical energy that automatically shifts to dampen blows. You gain +1 AC at 8th level and +2 at 10th level. At 11th level, you gain resistance to electricity 10.
Lightning Bolt (Su): 3/day you can call the power of lightning and channel it through your axe. This works with a caster level of 11, DC 14.
Maximized Lightning Bolt (Su): Once a day you can call a more powerful lightning. Same as above, but as an empowered lightning bolt spell.
*Relentless Strength:
You gain +6 Str enhancement bonus
Savage Fortitude: You gain +6 Con enhancement bonus.
Cacophonic Mind: Thunder rumbles through your mind, protecting you against mind-affecting abilities. As long as you hold the axe, you are under a continuous mind blank.

Character Level Attack Penalty Save Penalty HP Loss Ability
5th - - - Dragonslayer
6th - - 4 -
7th - - - Battle senses
8th - -1 - Lightning Armor +1
9th -1 - 2 -
10th - - - Lightning Armor +2
11th - - - Improved Lightning Armor
12th - - 2 -
13th -2 - - Lightning Bolt 3/day (Su)
14th - - - -
15th - - 2 -
16th - -2 - Maximized Lightning Bolt (Su)
17th - - - Relentless Strength
18th - -3 2 Savage Fortitude
19th - - 2 -
20th - - 2 Cacophonic Mind

The Armads

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