Holy Trifying, the Dragonslayer

Nonlegacy Stats: +5 Holy Axiomatic Ethereal Reaver Greatsword
Omen: Evil creatures or chaotic creatures that attempt to wield the sword are hit with 5d6 radiant damage and thrown back 20 ft. True neutral creatures are burnt at it’s touch. Lawful Good creatures find the blade weightless and therefore can wield it with one or both hands at will.


Base Attack: +5
Alignment: Lawful Good
Others: Baldo’s divine favor or direct lineage

Legacy Item Abilities

Dragonslayer: The weapon gains the enhancement Bane (Dragon).
Dragon Hunter: While wielding the sword, you can detect dragons within 60 feet, but you must concentrate (a standard action) to do so. You ignore any damage reduction of the specified creature when attacking it with the sword.
Divine Grace: The blessing of Baldo grants you +3 holy bonus to your saving throws.
Divine Ward: Once per day, you can gain protection from spells up to 3rd level as the lesser globe of invulnerability spell. (CL 11)
Divine Healing: Once per day, the sword heals you using its divine power. You can use cure critical wounds (CL 11) as a swift action when you’re holding the sword.
Divine Haste: The divine power of the sword can speed up your perception of time. 5/day, you can activate haste on yourself as a swift action that lasts only 1 round.
Awakening: Your sword awakens from its slumber, becoming a sentient item. It has 18 Int, 10 Wis and 18 Cha, 120 ft darkvision, blindsense and hearing, communicates telepathically with the wielder and can speak Common, Draconic, Elven, Dwarven and Gnomish, 10 ranks in Knowledge (History), continuous deathwatch, can use cure moderate wounds on the wielder 3/day (CL 3), continuous detect scrying and can cast locate creature 3/day.
Frightful Presence: You gain frightful presence as the dragon ability.
Judgement: Creatures killed by this sword are passed judgement. Evil creatures are imprisoned inside the blade (as if with the Imprisonment spell) and a dragon’s soul is simply absorbed as raw energy, gaining a 1d6 extra radiant damage per 10 dragons slayed. The dragon’s soul therefore just stops existing. Neutral creatures can be imprisoned at the wielder’s judgement, but can be overruled by the creature’s deity at a penalty to the wielder.

Character Level Attack Penalty Reflex Penalty HP Loss Ability
5th - - - Dragonslayer
6th -1 - - Dragon Hunter
7th - -1 2 Divine Grace +1
8th - - 2 Divine Grace +2
9th - -2 -
10th - - 2 Divine Grace +3
11th - - - -
12th -2 - - Divine Ward 1/day
13th - - - -
14th - - 2 Divine Healing
15th - -3 - Divine Haste
16th - -2 2 Awakening
17th - - - Frightful Presence
18th -3 - - -
19th - - - -
20th - -4 - Judgement

Holy Trifying, the Dragonslayer

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