Orson the Paladin

The reeve of Toha


Orson has short brown hair and green eyes with a faint stub. He wears a teal breastplate armor on top of a black shirt. He hides a blue shield under his green cape. He always carries his longsword when on duty and has two light hammers on his sides. Lately he has been paranoid, so rumors say that he has daggers hidden in various parts of his body. He wears leg and forearm protectors that match his breastplate and standard leather boots.
He is a Paladin with an Oath of Devotion, standard among the enlisted Paladins of the kingdom. He carries his holy symbol, a silver heart-shaped locket, around his neck. Inside there’s a picture of his wife.


A Paladin appointed to the management of the small village of Toha. He has a small state in which he lives with his wife, Monica. He fervently loves his wife who he met after becoming a soldier. For her he gave up on promotions and left behind the life of the battlefield as a soldier. After becoming a paladin, they got married and have led uneventful lives overseeing Toha village.
He used to be a painter when he was young, before enlisting in the army and becoming a paladin.

Orson the Paladin

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