Quest for Redemption

The Grind Before the Storm

Various requests will reach the Greil’s Mercenaries mailbox. It’s up to you to decide which mission to take. Throughout each mission, the party will gain some insight into the politics of the kingdom and how the king is too paranoid to rule and is it is actually being run by corrupt politics and counts.

  • A bridgebuilder requires an escort… to a landlocked town: The party has 5 days to escort him to the target location. He will attempt to escape on battle encounters if he feels threatened. Survival skills might be required to find him. Enemy spies will suddenly appear, no surprise round, as they are surprised too. If they see the bridgebuilder, they will attempt to attack, otherwise they will try to escape. If they escape, they will find the Royal Guard in the city looking for some spies. If they engage them, the spies will try to escape if overwhelmed. If the party chases him, the Royal Guard will catch up and capture him. The Royal Guard will tell the party about the paranoid King and the state of anarchy in Crimea. The Royal Guard can’t do much about it because most of them are deployed in the capital city for the event of an attack.
  • A request came in from… a cyclops. He claims that he is being tormented by an evil village. He will pay handsomely for the village’s execution: They can decide to hunt down the village for a surprise attack or wait by the cyclops and ensure his protection. They find a human village. If they kill the village no questions asked, the mission ends there. If they decide to investigate further, they will discover that the village attacks the cyclops because he offended their Beauty Queen. The cyclops apologizes and says he prefers the Beauty King. Hilarity ensues and problem solved.
  • An awakened crow wants to get rid of a scarecrow on his plantation: When they attempt to remove the scarecrow, the village protests saying it’s illegal because it’s village property. They must ask the mayor if they want to remove it. When they do, they say that they are starving and the plantation is their main food income, but the owner died and the crow inherited it. The crow will be willing to keep supplying the villagers food if they remove the scarecrow.
  • A bar fight went wrong. Terribly, terribly wrong. Need help ASAP (this request has blood stains, hearts on the "i"s and signed by xoxo): Last night, Sir Bearington, Mick St John, Tobirama and Nick Lee entered a bar. A bar fight develops where Sir Bearington throws the bar at Tobirama, misses and hits Nick Lee. Nick Lee then throws the actual bar (as in the building) to Sir Bearington. His girlfriend has been looking him ever since. However they only find a bear (Sir Bearington in disguise).
  • A moose is running rampant through my village. It’s running up buildings, smashing into fences, dragging people with its tongue and apparently it doesn’t die. Signed: GS, Mayor of Suburbia: The moose is immortal is too squirmy to be grappled. The Royal Guard appears with a spy, they have to interrogate him. They ask them for help to trap the moose in a room. They then trap the spy in the room with the moose. 7 minutes later, the spy begs to let him free, promising all kinds of secrets. The spy reveals he comes from the desert states
  • A nearby village requests help getting rid of an incredibly fat man who is constantly screaming something about 3 half-lives. He is too heavy to be moved: If they move him from his spot, the Valve logo is revealed underneath. It then burns and when they look back to the giant dude, he morphed into Shrek and said “it’s all ogre” before flying away. The city then refuses to acknowledge that such events ever happened. If the party insists, they will receive free lodging.
  • We need you to spy a commoner. He got incredibly ripped in 2 weeks. We hate him. Signed, Fighter Association of (village): When trying to find out how he got so ripped, they can either fight him or diplomacy him. He will tell them that a mysterious figure handed him a weird potion a few weeks ago. The commoner has an intelligence penalty.
  • We have a serial barber running rampant. Signed, community of dwarves: Any plan they come up with to capture him will end up in an encounter with a crazy rogue. He claims that the dwarves are gnomes in disguise and screams that the gnomes are out to get him. If immobilized he enters a nervous breakdown. You may decide to capture him and hand it over to the Royal Guard if you have done previous missions in which you have run into them. You get paid in diamonds, as dwarves don’t deal in gold, and learn about the small lands far to the northeast.
  • Rats and other vermin are running away from my farm. From: Nowhere – If the entire house is searched for something dangerous, you find nothing. If it’s searched for the rat’s nest, they find it. If rats are exterminated, more appear overnight. Every night the rats flee the house, and every night more rats come in. Always running away from a certain direction. If that direction is followed, a small village with no particular features is found. The only person of interest is a Rock Gnome inventor. He fixes stuff and has created machines to make the village’s life easier. He arrived a few weeks ago, and thanks to him the village is starting to grow.
  • An anonymous letter requests help looking for 8 note pages: A man in a cabin inside the sea of trees (not very deep into) asks for help trying to find some very important scrolls. The cabin is otherwise empty except for a large counter cutting the house in half. The half that goes through the door has an anti-magic field. If asked about it, the man will say it’s to control his experiments. If the party splits up to cover more area, they enter an eternal night. Otherwise, a mysterious figure with red eyes will attempt to separate them. His gaze will paralyze and enchant the target, it will think that he’s still battling. Any attempts to wake them up will be treated as aggressions. Once everyone is enchanted, the enchantment ends and they wall enter the eternal night. Here time has stopped and spell slots are infinite. However, any darksight doesn’t work and light spells have a limited duration. Slenderman ensues. If the kill Slenderman, the illusion ends and they will realize that the corpse is that of the client. If they find the eight pages, the illusion ends. When they try to give them back to the client, they realize that he’s dead and has been for a long time. Inside the anti-magic field, the pages become a burnt 8th level excerpt from a spellbook. Arcane analysis will determine that the spell is of the Necromancy school, but nothing else. A tall man with long black hair will sneak up behind them and ask them what are they doing. He will not come into the house. He will tell them the story that this man was a powerful wizard, but he died weeks ago.
  • A school in a distant village suspects one of its employees is distributing illegal drugs. They need a third party to get involved and check it out: The alchemy teacher did it. Nothing much else to say.
  • A respected magical researcher needs troll parts for new spell. The troll violently objects: This quest turns into a search for a troll. However they require to kill the troll without damaging his anatomy very much. A decapitation would be perfect.

These are silly mini-missions, the party will be able to run a total of 4.



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