Quest for Redemption

Into the woods

You rendezvous with Aeredan the wood elf and Camile Aurumchance the halfling. Together with Titania and Priam, Greil’s son, you embark to meet your employer. Toha is a village 50 miles away so you decide to split the journey in 2 parts.
On the way to the hamlet where you will spend the night, you are attacked by bandits. Most of them are killed or run away, but one of then named Mehmet survives and receives 2 gp from our hero Cassandra, which will allow him to feed his family for a few days. This makes Mehmet have a powerful change of heart, because Cassandra forgave him even after he attacked her. She said she was only lending him the money, as she was sure that one day he will pay her back. They also capture the bandit leader and escort him to the authorities in the hamlet they were going, where Titania recieves a 10 gp bounty.
On town, Priam goes on his own to recieve the Folk Hero treatment. Cassandra and Camile decide to go to the local tavern and invite Aeredan, however he declines as he doesn’t like large gatherings of people. While on the tavern the see a certain Sir Bearington, who apparently is a very hairy barbarian. He travels accompanied by a British butler who seems to be the only one to understand him. However he only stays a short while, as he leaves after finishing his drinks.
The next morning they depart and have an uneventful journey towards Toha. The request specifically asked to meet on a point away from the village. The party sets up camp and a mysterious figures approaches asking the Greil Mercenaries to get rid of the soldiers and local government.



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